Pongal festival essay in tamil language.

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Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Essay on Pongal Festival (200 Words) Thai Pongal is a festival of harvesting celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Thai Pongal is celebrated for four days, from January 13 to 16 according to Gregorian calendar. This falls to the last day of the Tamil month Maargazhi.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Pongal Pandigai Pongal itself falls on the first day of the Tamil month of Thai (January 14 or 15). It is celebrated by boiling rice with fresh milk and jaggery in new clay pots. The rice is later topped with sugar, ghee, cashew nuts and raisins.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Pongal Festival Pongal is a four-days-long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, there has been some form of harvest festival. Pongal, one of the most important popular Hindu festivals of the year.


Pongal itself falls on the first day of the Tamil month of Thai (January 14 or 15). It is celebrated by boiling rice with fresh milk and jaggery in new clay pots. The rice is later topped with sugar, ghee, cashew nuts and raisins. This tradition gives Pongal its name.(5) The rice is traditionally cooked at sun rise as the dish is dedicated to the sun god, surya. There are two versions of.

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Pongal Essay. Pongalfestival.org brings you a nice collection of some beautifully written Pongal essays. These essays have been contributed by our readers and will help you enhance your knowledge about the Tamil harvest festival. If you also have a different and new idea about Pongal and its celebration, please feel free to send it to us.

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Pongal is a significant festival of Tamil Nadu and is celebrated for four days. The first day is known as Bhogi, in which people throw away or burn the old household things and go to buy the new ones. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle. The next day is called Perum or Surya Pongal. It is the most imperativeday of Pongal. On this day, people offer prayers to Lord Surya and hence pay.

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Tamil Thai Pongal marks the beginning of the six-month period during which the sun moves northward relative to the Equator. It also is the day on which the sun is thought to enter the “tenth house” on its path along the Hindu zodiac. Many Sri Lankans keep Thai Pongal as a two-day celebration. On the first day, a sweet rice meal is made, dedicated to the sun god, and then consumed by.


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The Thai Pongal festival will often fall within the 14th or perhaps 15th of January and it is the essential Tamil Festival. It is a classic occasion pertaining to giving as a result of all the things of nature and then for celebrating living cycles that might “give these people grain”. A lot of people in India believe that Knotty family complications will be solved with the creation of the.


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Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Pongal Harvest Festival Harvest Festival of South India Tamil Thai Pongal Festival Essay Examples Kibin. Small essay pongal festival. What is Pongal Makara Sankranthi Pongal Festival of Hindu Pinterest. Small essay pongal festival watsupp status and wallpapers free download thai pongal sri lanka hindu festival. thai pongal.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Thai pongal or. Essaye moi musique douce hertzsche pressing beispiel essay in english, sikhs and chinese culture in marathi pdf. Tamil rulers for kids, tamil language. Kaleb young from the festival of lights and celebration;. No festival in telugu language. It diwali is a great time to enjoy the beginning of all over india particularly tamils. Krishna janmashtami also known for students, and.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Jan 15, 2018 - Pongal festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of TamilNadu at the end of harvest season. Pongal Festival is a 3 day festival which starts from the last day of the tamil calender month Margazhi and proceed till the second day of the Tamil Calender month Thai. The first day of the festival is called Bogi followed by Thai Pongal and ends with Kanu Pongal.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Thai Pongal is a Harvest festival of Tamil Nadu; the main reason for the festival is to celebrate the return of the sun to the about pongal festival essay northern hemisphere.

Thai Pongal Tamil Essay

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Thai Pongal is one the famous and most important festival celebrated by Tamil people. This festival is celebrated to appreciate Sun God for the better and successful harvest of the crops. A special Pongal dish is prepared on this day, which is served on banana leaves.

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