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Stone Cold Homework Tasks

English Age groups: 8 Topic: Literature.

Beyond Secondary's KS3 English Resources on Robert Swindells' Stone Cold, including English worksheets, homework, and analysis of Stone Cold characters.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

New worksheets added to Stone Cold Resources.

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells - An extensive collection of teaching resources for KS3 English prose, including classic texts and more obscure works. With free PDFs to download.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Stone Cold teaching resource for KS3 unit of work and.

Pre-assessment: cold task. The girls have been learning about report writing at school, so I thought I’d start with a non-fiction text. I decided to use a familiar topic for the girls when setting the cold task. I had a picture of a kitten glued to a piece of paper and asked the girls to write for me information about cats as I would like to know more about cats. That was the only input I.


Early Stone Age people were hunter gatherers, so their meals would have mainly consisted of meat and things they could forage, like fruit. Later in the Stone Age, people began to farm, so they began to eat crops, such as cereals and wheat. Make a model of Stonehenge. Art. Design your own cave art. Try taping paper to the underside of the tables and letting children draw while lying on their.

Stone Cold - Quest - World of Warcraft.

This is an abridged and simplified version of the novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. It is aimed at those learners who are still at the early stages of learning English. There are also activities to accompany the text and the answers are provided on a PowerPoint presentation. Unfamiliar words are highlighted within the text. Words in blue.

Cold and Hot Writing Tasks - Our Lady Immaculate Catholic.

Enlgish homework Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012. Stone Cold Daily Routine Orders 1: Link was discribing his family. Vince, his stepfather, carole, his sister and his mother. It is pretty sad because Link lost his father and then his stepfather was also an idiot. Daily Routine Orders 2: Shelter explainted the reason of his name. Link describted Londons Underground. Daily Routine Orders 3.

KS3 Exam: Extract from Stone Cold by Robert Swindells.

Stone Cold - KS3 teaching resource Stone Cold by Robert Swindells is a 15 lesson teaching resource which consists of a 113 slide PowerPoint presentation and a booklet of 25 worksheets. All 15 lessons are structured using the four part lesson format (starter, introduction, development and plenary) and can be rewritten, modified and differentiated to suit your teaching needs.


Stone Cold. Collect a stonified Mountainfoot Miner from the Mountainfoot Strip Mine and bring him or her back to Horzak Zignibble at the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange. Stonified Miner Delivered: Description Workers act like it's their job to complain. If it isn't the backbreaking labor, the long hours, or the low pay, it's being turned to stone by basilisks. It's always something! But I'm.

Cold and Hot Writing Tasks. Please have read of some of our brilliant writing tasks. The Cold task is our first attempt and the Hot task is our independent final task after lots of immerse, imitate and invent strategies within that genre. We have just used a small part of the children’s writing to show the impact of their learning. Where there is an amber task at the start it means that it.


Tasks designed to help students work out how they would stage scenes from Stone Cold. What do I have to do on staging in the examination? Question 4 of the written exam asks you how you would stage a section of the play. You have to. draw a labelled groundplan. of your set design (as if looking down from above). You then have to. explain and justify your ideas. in detail, commenting on: the.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

BBC: Stone Cold Episode 2 (Part 2 of 3) - YouTube.

KS3 Exam: Extract from Stone Cold by Robert Swindells If you think sleeping rough's just a matter of finding a dry spot where the fuzz won't move you on and getting your head down, you're wrong. Not your fault of course - if you've never tried it you've no way of knowing what it's like, so what I thought I'd do was sort of talk you through a typical night. That night in the Vaudeville alcove.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Stone cold creative writing - Best Courseworks for Smart.

Homework. Homework at OSSMA is set consistently with the aim of complimenting what is taught in lessons. Through directed learning tasks that are proven to promote knowledge retention and boost the progress of students over time, we aim to make homework more relevant to the key knowledge our students need to master their subjects, whilst making progress independently beyond the classroom.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells, Essential Revision Notes.

Each booklet contains six weeks worth of activities designed to complement the learning in class. Teachers can change homework tasks and details of this can be found on their individual web pages. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Creative Writing. Lord of the Flies. The Woman in Black. Sherlock Holmes. Stone Cold. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Myths.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Stone Cold Lesson 1 - Being Homeless.

Aqa for disciplinary jargon, creative writing bursaries in south africa - edit book stone cold. His writing. Homework help. Versions. Free essay, isn t on 'stone cold'. A zoo essay, and his return to asu's roller derby team, with writers from stone cold. This comprehensive collection contains over 150 five-star reviews across the guide is presented.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Stone Cold (Puffin Teenage Fiction):

Stone Cold is an exciting and disturbing thriller by Robert Swindells. A tense, exciting thriller combined with a perceptive and harrowing portrait of life on the streets as a serial killer preys on the young and vulnerable homeless. 17-year-old Link is distrustful of people until he pairs up with Deb, homeless like him. But what Deb doesn't tell him is that she's an ambitious young journalist.

Stone Cold Homework Tasks

Critical Evaluation of Stone Cold by Robert Swindells.

Stone Cold. First broadcast: 3 October 2007. Classroom Ideas. Teachers could use this clip to show how life can become difficult once you leave home and help the class to explore the consequences.

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